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Licensing Info

The information above will give you the assistance you need to conduct on-line pricing and ordering of images. It’s not mandatory that you use our online ordering system to license an image, you can call us during office hours on +44 (0)20 7025 2249 (GMT) and we'll be happy to discuss fees and invoicing terms.

You must be a registered user in order to purchase or price images online.

Payment information

We accept £ Sterling $US Dollars and € Euros.

Credit Cards:

At the moment we are only issuing 30 day term invoices. We will be accepting credit card payments online in the near future.

VAT charges are as follows:

UK: VAT is charged at 20%. 

EU: Private individual or companies that are not VAT registered will be charge VAT at 20%. VAT registered companies must supply a VAT Number which we will then validate before purchasing can continue. The VAT number will appear on our invoice and then VAT will be charged at charged at 0%

If you require a Certificate of Residency please inform us when making the order.

Rest of World: No VAT is charged

Pricing An Image

All of our images are rights-managed and our price calculator can be used to find out a price for the image(s) you have selected. Note that there are many types of uses our price calculator does not cover. If you do not see your specific type of use listed, please contact us for a quote by email info@loupeimages.com or call us at +44 (0)20 7025 2249 (GMT) to discuss usage rights and prices for your requirements.

To Purchase an Image Using Our Website

Add the image to your order by clicking the "Buy Licence" icon below the image or click on the same icon on the larger preview page.

After all the images you wish to purchase are in your cart check to be sure the rights you wish to purchase are correct. If it is not correct, click "remove" and start again. Or "Contact Us" for assistance.

Once you have checked your order for accuracy ensure you read our "LOUPE IMAGES LICENCE AGREEMENT". After agreeing to our agreement, check the box "I agree to the LOUPE IMAGES LICENCE AGREEMENT" then click the "proceed to checkout" button. All your billing information is filled out for you. Please confirm all the information is correct. Our checkout screen is secure as we use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit.

You will the be sent a confirmation email with a link to download your images. Specify the drive and folder you wish the image(s) to be saved to. Choose download now and the images will be sent to the folder you specified.

[Note: If you have a pre-arranged pricing agreement with Loupe Images, when authorised to download hi-res images, you are agreeing to pay any license fee arranged on or offline.] 

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