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How To Search Our Images
We have two ways of searching our images on this new website:
1. Use the SEARCH tool located in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER magnifying_glassand type in a keyword. It’s easier to find images using simple one or two word terms, such as 'Cat' or 'Cat Bed'.
2. Use the CATEGORIES search, which is listed by subject type and then by themes, with the latest at the top. You can also select the option to Search by Galleries or by all images, which is now a scrolling list of images rather than page-by-page.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, "Contact Us" and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Rights Managed Images
What does 'rights-managed' mean?
Rights-managed products are high-quality products with a licence and fee based on your specific use. The fee is calculated from several factors including print run, size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. At the time you order a rights-managed product, you will be asked to submit information that will determine your licensing fee.

How does your licensing work?
See below for an outline on purchasing images.  For legal details on our licensing you can see our "Terms and Conditions", and our Licensing and Purchasing agreement once you order a hi-res image. If you have questions, "Contact Us".

What is your returns policy?
If you need to cancel or return a purchase, "Contact Us" as soon as possible. We will need confirmation in writing. All purchases are considered final after 30 days.

Personal Information
How do you protect the privacy of the information I submit to you?
We don't sell, share or divulge your personal information, including your email address, with other companies. For a complete overview of how we protect your information, read our "Privacy Policy".

Downloading Troubles
If you're having trouble downloading an image you can "Contact Us" for assistance.

Finding Images
Why can't I find the images I'm searching for?
If you prefer, "Contact Us" for a personalised walk-through or to request a "free "search service.

Can I search without being registered?
Yes. You can search without registering on our site. To download low-res files, free comping images without a watermark on them, or to license images, you need to "Register".

How do I get detailed information about an image?
To view in-depth information about an image, go to the image detail page by clicking any thumbnail image on the Search results page or in your lightbox. The image detail page provides complete information about an image, such as keywords associated with that image and additional information.

How do I download free comping images?
Please "Contact Us" directly for access to comping images.

How do I get a non-watermarked comp?
Only approved registered users have access to non-watermarked comps. If you haven't already registered, you can do so by clicking "Register". You may then have access once you register and have been approved for comp downloads.

Purchasing Images
Do I need to register to license and download an image?
Yes, you need to "Register". If you are not yet registered, you will be prompted to complete your mailing and billing profile as part of the image purchasing process. We offer two ways to purchase a licence, either separately arrange an 'offline account' with an agreed price guide (and order images via the website for download) or 'one-time licensing' via our online price guide.
Please "Contact Us" with any questions.

How can I set up an 'Offline Account’?
You will need to be a registered company with a good financial track record. Once you have agreed 'licensing and pricing' terms & conditions with Loupe Images, we will process your request. After a credit check has been completed we will contact you via email to confirm your agreement with Loupe Images. Once you have purchased an image through your registered account online, an invoice will be issued from which you will have 30 days to settle the account. For further information please refer to Loupe Images Licensing and Purchasing Terms.

How do I order a 'One-time Licence’?
To determine the price for one-time licensing rights-managed images, you must be registered on our site. Then you can use our online price calculator and follow the image pricing steps. The price calculator will ask you a series of questions about how you will use the image(s) in order to calculate the price for your usage. You then confirm the order and the images will be activated for download along with an invoice order, once verified.

For more information about licensing our images, go to "Licensing Info".

Downloading Images

Low-Res Images
To download any low-res images you first need to be registered and 'log on' to your account, we will then upgrade your access.

Select an image or create a lightbox of images. Each image has an icon on the image or to the left-hand side. Scrolling over the thumbnail image you will see 'Low-res file' as an option, click on it to activate. To download a low-res image you must select each one individually and not select 'Download all'.

Any issues please "Contact Us" with any questions.

Hi-Res Images
How can I download an image I've previously purchased and will I be charged again for re-downloading it?
No, you will not be charged again. To download images from a previous purchase, roll over 'my account' in the top navigation bar and select 'previous purchases' to access the previous purchases list. Note: There is a time limit - all images can be re-downloaded for 30 days after purchase.

How can I print out a past sales order?
To print any past sales order, go to 'my account' in the top navigation bar and select 'previous purchases'. Then click the sales order number of the previous order you would like to print.

How long does it take to download an image?
Format: Hi-Res RGB-JPEG file
Hi-Res Images: If we have a high resolution available the downloading time will depend on the speed of your broadband connection and if you have a special price guide agreement (which are subject to a different service).
Small File Sized Images: Some of our images are small file sizes, for which we will provide a new scanned hi-res version within 12-hours (or sooner upon acknowledging your request).
Note: Image orders received after 2pm (14.00hrs) GMT for all USA and Rest of World destinations will be handled for next working-day delivery. All others will be a normal delivery service from the UK.

How large can I print your digital images?
As a general rule of thumb, our images can safely be enlarged to 120% of their original image size without affecting the quality. Since it is critical that you know what resolution you need for the output device, we recommend that you consult directly with your printer or service organization to find out the specific capabilities of the device that will be used. And, of course, you can always Contact us for more details.

How do I retain the original quality of an image when I want to enlarge it?
For the best quality, remember this general guideline: The image resolution (ppi) should remain equal to twice the screen frequency (lpi). You have options, however, to adjust the screen frequency, re-sample the image at a higher resolution, or lower the ppi to lpi ratio. For more details, read the following tips for enlarging images.

I downloaded a high-resolution image, but it's opening up at 72dpi. What has happened?
Depending on how the image was saved, it may open at a screen resolution, 72dpi. This doesn't necessarily mean you downloaded a low-resolution image by mistake. You should think of image size and resolution in terms of megabyte (MB). A 50MB file has the capacity to be a 420x297mm file at 300dpi or a 1270x1800mm file at 72dpi. Simply re-save the image at 300dpi if it is at 72dpi.

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