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Loupe Images, launched in spring of 2006, is a matchless source of inspirational interiors and lifestyle photography and illustration that is continually updated to create a wide range of beautiful images with a cutting-edge feel. Our subjects are the pleasures of life: our homes and gardens, the food we eat, the wine we drink, health and wellbeing, crafting and those very special occasions.

How to use this site
This site is available to picture industry professionals to prepare lightboxes, download comping (layout) images and order high res images for reproduction. Please register to experience the full benefits of the site. You will be asked to agree to our standard terms and conditions which comply with UK copyright law (the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988).

Online search
The online search selects from over 50,000 photographs that have been digitally scanned into the database. Please "Contact Us" for more information. All searches on the archive are in English language only.
Naturally, the use of our website is free of charge. You can conduct your own search on the website, however if you cannot find the image you require, please "Contact Us" and a Loupe Images representative will conduct a search for you.

Picture licensing
All of our images are rights-managed. Rights to reproduce our images are non-exclusive and non-transferable. Loupe Images may require extra information regarding the activities of yourself and/or company before an account can be confirmed.
All usage agreements are subject to a 'Licence to Reproduce' for a given image, which will be subject to an appropriate licecnce fee. Before Loupe Images can authorise an image to be downloaded, the licence fee must be agreed. For more information please see our “Terms and Conditions”.

You can calculate the cost of an image by using our pricing grid when you select an image.
Note that the price guide has basic limited options, so if the usage you are looking for is not listed please “Contact Us” and we will provide you with a fee.
The pricing grid determines fees by considering factors such as: Specific use; Reproduction size and position; Period of use; Size of circulation; Distribution territory, etc.
A credit line will be supplied with the image and must be included with the reproduction, such as "© Loupe Images/Name Credit".
When ordering an image, it can sometimes be easier just to email or call our friendly staff with your order. We are contactable during UK GMT weekday office hours either by email or telephone.
To find out further details on how to order please ”Contact Us”. Loupe Images reserves the right not to consent to allow any given image to be reproduced in a particular context.

At the moment we are only issuing 30 day term invoices. We will be accepting credit card payments online in the near future. We accept £ Sterling, $ US Dollars and € Euros.
We charge VAT as follows:
UK: VAT is charged at 20%
Other EU Countries: Private individuals or companies that are not VAT-registered will be charged VAT at 20%. VAT-registered companies must supply a VAT number, which will be validated before purchasing can continue. The VAT number will appear on our invoice and VAT will be charged at 0%.
USA and rest of the world: No VAT is charged.

Note: If additional tax or residency forms are required by your country tax laws, please inform us when ordering images to ensure a speedy transaction process.

Only registered users who have been approved by Loupe Images can download hi-res images. If clients have an agreed special price guide, the normal “Terms and Conditions” applies.
Caption, copyright and licensing information can be found in the fields in every preview image from the website.
Once a licence has been granted (and/or fees paid, unless you are an approved client where different conditions apply) you will be able to download a high-resolution digital image via an automated email link, once you have ordered the images on our website.
All high-resolution images from this site are supplied as compressed RGB digital jpg files.
If you prefer to receive a digital file via an email link please “Contact us”. Please make a note of the image number (found on the enlarged image screen – e.g. 0489CHAMP038A) before ordering.

All images on the website are copyrighted images and protected under international copyright laws. All digital images supplied by Loupe Images are the property and copyright of Ryland Peters & Small and Cico Books Ltd. For further information please refer to our "Terms and Conditions".

From 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This requires us to review and update our email subscription records.  All information supplied to us, including your name and email address, is used for internal purposes only, in order to stay in touch and inform you of the latest news, promotions and updated website information. We also use your account information to personalise emails sent to you and the services offered to you. Your privacy is important to us. Whichever way you choose, as soon as we get the word from you, we'll remove you from the list. For more details you can also access our updated "Privacy Policy”.

Mailing Lists
When you register you have the option to join our mailing list. Loupe Images will periodically send emails and updates that may be of interest to you. Note: You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information please read our "Privacy Policy".

If you decide at any time to unsubscribe from our email list, there are three ways you can be removed:
- Click the reply button on any email from us and type 'Unsubscribe' in the subject line.
- Email "info@loupeimages.com" (be sure to include the email address you wish to have removed and allow 72 hours for removal).
- "Contact Us" at any time and ask to be removed from our list.

Cookies are used by the website only to establish your user ID when you login to the site so you do not have to resubmit your user ID and password. A cookie is a small file that is downloaded from this site into your hard drive automatically. You have the option to accept or decline cookies when you visit our website.

License Compliance Services
We strive to protect our intellectual property rights, and for this purpose, we have mandated a service to manage copyright compliance on our behalf.

Our site is primarily aimed at picture industry professionals, however, if you see a picture on our site that you would like as a personal print, please “Contact Us”.

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